What are you looking for from your golf bag?

James Cunliffe

07 February 2022

When it comes to buying golf equipment, you might start with something flashy like a driver or a set of irons, or maybe something simple like a dozen balls. But a golf bag is a must-have, and a good bag is worth its weight in gold. A bad golf bag, on the other hand, will cost you its weight in gold! Why? Let’s find out.


Starting with the fun part! But, truth be told, this is where a bad bag will cost you – if you have to keep buying a new one. Come rain or shine, your bag should be your reliable companion out on the course, protecting your belongings and your clubs. 



This is all about focusing on your golf; playing well and, more importantly, having fun. When you’re going to your bag to pull out a club or grab a jacket or a banana, that should be easy! With a cart bag, you want it to sit perfectly on the trolley with all the pockets easily accessible.



This is where it gets exciting, or at least it should. Getting a new bag should be a treat to yourself and you should walk away with a smile on your face, so why not pick a bag that you can be proud of walking around the course with?

Callaway golf bags


The solution

As you can see above, Callaway has a solution for you in its Hyper Dry range. As the name suggests, these bags are completely waterproof; giving you that all-important durable protection we spoke about before. The style box is clearly ticked by both the stand and cart bags, while the convenience comes in the form of dividers for every single club and easy-access pockets for all your on-course accessories. That’s a winning combination!

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